Built c.1796, The Old Littleton Schoolhouse is the oldest remaining schoolhouse in the Township. In 1810, Mrs. Silas Condict and Mrs. William Lee, started the Union Bible School, an interdenominational Sunday school. In 1872, it was sold to the Hanover Board of Education Hanover and became Township Public School Number 5 and later, Number 85. The building was sold to the Littleton Baptist Church in 1925 and used as a chapel. In 1964, the building was purchased by Arthur McGreevey and used for storage for The Llewellyn Farms Restaurant that was located next-door. In 2000, the property was leased to the Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills for 47 years with two separate successive twenty year period leases available. The Schoolhouse was restored in 2001 using public grants. It contains period school furnishings and artifacts. The building is visited by local elementary school students and is open to the public on special occasions or by appointment.


1796 Unknown, possibly Mahlon Johnson
1810 Union Bible School
1872 Hanover Board of Education
1925 Littleton Baptist Church
1964 Arthur McGreevey (Llewellyn Farms Restaurant)
1999 Llewellyn Acquisition, L.L.C. Harold Wachtel, Manager


Location: 1780 Littleton Road (Rt. 202 S) Parsippany Troy-Hills, N.J.
Block: 176 Lot: 7
Morris County Historic Sites Survey Number 1429-193